House of Hope

About Us

House of Hope is a private non-profit aimed at transforming the lives of homeless men, women and children in the Greater Atlanta/Fulton County area.

While most “shelters” feed, clothe and shelter the homeless, House of Hope and its partners will provide critical services to help the homeless become self-sufficient individuals on a long-term basis

Partnering with government, non-profit and faith-based organizations, House of Hope aspires to transform the lives of the homeless by addressing the root causes of homelessness by leveraging transitional housing resources such as small group support networks, education and job training.

Our History

For several decades, Craig M. Evans, President and Founder of House of Hope Transitional Housing Program, has been fighting for the cause to eliminate homelessness from city streets. As a native of Chicago, IL, Craig started his fight on the West side donating food, clothing and any other useful goods to homeless shelters and facilities. As time went on, Mr. Evans still felt the burning desire to do more and converted three town homes in the greater Chicago area into residences for individuals that were unable to find shelter elsewhere.

New found opportunities manifested and Craig moved from Chicago to Atlanta where his fight continued. Mr. Evans can be found donating food, clothing, time and resources to helping those less fortunate throughout the city of Atlanta. It is no surprise that after only a few years in the Atlanta community, Craig decided to turn his passion into a reality by founding the House of Hope Transitional Housing Program in 2010.

Treating the root causes of homelessness with a wide array of services in a single and central location has resulted in studies to have a 60% success rate (defined as a year of totally self-sufficient living)

A single facility hosting all of the key service providers in a campus-style environment is more effective than having services spread throughout the community and operating independently. Critical campus services include: continued education, vocational training, job skills, day care, substance abuse referral, medical care, closest relative identification, case management, hygiene, etc. It is imperative that the facility be managed by a private and public independent board, free of political influence and red tape.

House of Hope Transitional Housing Program was formed as a 501(c)3 on November 10, 2010. Craig M. Evans is the President and Founder.

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